If You Tolerate It, Then Maybe You Deserve It

Wanting the problem to be fixed, but not willing to make necessary adjustments seems to be the operating mode of the people in this nation. Sadly this is not just talk. As we interviewed citizens, and spoke to the man on the street, this is what we hear loud and clear.

If you tolerate it then maybe you deserve it!!! Move on we don't want to talk to you. These are the words that wanted to burst out of me, this is how i was the feeling. Then the donkey cart hit me, and i remembered why this movement was stared, it wasn't about me. I am not prepared to pass the buck, it stops here cause if i did, i'll be JUST LIKE THEM. We say it all the time, good customer service starts with good leadership.

 Perhaps the most important attribute of customer service is leadership. DO-IT-TRINI is prepared to lead us to a better place and it WILL happen. One of the key attributes of a good leader is the ability to empower the people they lead and build leaders out of their teams. Can You be a leader? Just reply "YES" in the comments below or "MAYBE" if you are not sure, cause that's ok we will provide the tools to get you there.

Oh Just FYI "NO" is the wrong answer.

People of our great nation, let us stop waiting on others.


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    I do believe that the balance between good Customer Service and exceptional Customer Service is a very delicate one. Consumers are not always right, and Suppliers are not always wrong - and vice versa. That's why I make use of the Customer Service website to write my reports about my suppliers, and get feedback from them. I like to keep all my channels open.

  2. Thanks for the feedback!!!

  3. One Yes so far... We appreciate you :), because it take only one to make a difference!!!

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  5. We got two!!! Thanks much. Join our community and take part in the discussions: